Cocktail Catering:
Events for Companies

Are you struggling day by day to achieve the objectives of your company and you think it is the right time to make a special event? count on us! You will have all our support to help you make the most of your event.

Whether it’s a presentation of a new clothing line, a special anniversary, or if you want to organise a lunch or dinner at your favourite restaurant and surprise your clients with a pairing between dishes and cocktails… we will help you to achieve it! We will only need to know what is your goal and the message you want to transmit to your clients, colleagues and/or friends, so we can help you to achieve it. We will design cocktails according to your needs, without you having to worry about anything, because we will take care of everything: the assembly and dismantling of the bar, the tableware… even of the ice! You will also have the best professionals who will work with you to ensure that the event is a complete success.

And if you don’t have a location for your event, we have a place in San Sebastian: Liquid Art.Of course, we can decorate it as you consider most appropriate for your event, as well as we can create themed cocktails for the occasion. In addition to enjoying our cocktails, you will also have the possibility of pairing them with different pintxos and servings, all in a totally private and exclusive atmosphere, where the real protagonists are you, your customers and your products.

Let’s toast…. “The best stories always start with a cocktail”.

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Success stories

Academy of the “Tapa” and “Pintxo”

“Aqua Vitae Cocktails has collaborated in several events with the “Tapa” and “Pintxo” Academy always satisfactorily. His work and creativity have left a positive mark on all the chefs who have known his work through events organized by the Academy.
Alberto Benedicto is a great creative, knowledgeable of the secrets of cocktails, innovative and eager to work on new creations that unite our pintxos and tapas with tasty and special appetizers.
The “Tapa” and “Pintxo” Academy is an association whose mission is to develop and promote miniature gastronomy inside and outside Spain, through activities or projects related to our know-how.
The “tapa” and the “pintxo” represent our hallmark, a key value in our culture closely related to food production, tourism and economy that the Academy wants to maintain, enhance and give more notoriety.”

Mikel Martínez. Presidente

Cena Maridaje de Contrastes y Sabores en Felix Manso Ibarla

“Cocina servicio y coctelería.

Una cena inolvidable con unos cócteles fuera de lo normal increíble el del caldito de espárragos. Y ya el cóctel “plato menu de sidrería” impresionante el comerte un menú de sidrería en dos tragos, en este fabuloso cóctel nos costó mucho conseguir la idea y más poderla llevarla acabo pero finalmente lo conseguimos juntos. Sin duda creamos un proyecto evento totalmente diferente donde sorprendimos a nuestros clientes una cena maridada con cócteles sin igual un gran acierto y una puesta apunto sensacional y fascinante.

Eres grande y buena persona se te quiere. Mucha suerte y un fuerte abrazo.”

Felix Manso

Cena Maridaje de Contrastes y Sabores en Felix Manso Ibarla