Aqua Vitae Cocktails

Aqua Vitae Cocktails is a young, enterprising company, with a desire to make a different, fun and serious, classic and signature cocktail, where we manage to reconcile the past, present and future.

We strive for excellence in service, and we adapt to each of the events we organise. Our team is trained in the best European schools and universities such as the Basque Culinary Center in Donostia-San Sebastián, the CETT in Barcelona and The IBA European Training Center in Tallinn, Estonia.

We seek to satisfy our customers and provide them with a unique experience through small sips of flavour, delicacy and sophistication.

We are backed by more than 15 years in the hostelry sector where we have been able to adapt to every moment and situation. We have gone through bitter and sweet moments, but finally we have managed to form a group, a family where we offer our customers the best of experiences.

We seek excellence in the product, its preparation… but undoubtedly, where the real virtue lies, is in the customer service, knowing what the customer wants and being able to offer it to them and, above all, providing them with an unforgettable experience.

“We look for ways to satisfy the customer and provide them with a unique experience”.

Gastronomic Consultancy

We believe that learning is the best investment and we have the firm conviction that the pillars of success of a gastronomic company are in customer service, professionalism and training of its staff.

We can train you on how to serve a good coffee or a beer perfectly, help you to reduce wastage, advise you on ergonomics and work efficiency, design a wine list according to your gastronomic offer and, of course, we can help you to create a different, fun and creative cocktail menu, suited to the image of your establishment and your gastronomic offer. Furthermore, if you need help in the kitchen, we collaborate with the best professionals in the sector (pastry chefs, bakers, grillers, cooks…).

Cocktail Catering

Since 2014, Alberto Benedicto, founder of ​Aqua Vitae Cocktails​ began to be proposed to carry out different cocktail events from weddings where different cocktail bars were placed, both before and after the banquet, through small private events such as birthdays, anniversary… Company events such as the San Sebastian Film Festival, anniversaries of local businesses, food and cocktail pairings in different congresses and restaurants, as well as events of distilled spirits and soft drinks brands. So he decided to create the catering, with which all kinds of events have been carried out, adapting at all times to the needs and requests of the client.

Catering de Coctelería

Desde 2014, a Alberto Benedicto, fundador de Aqua Vitae Cocktails, le comenzaron a proponer realizar diferentes eventos de coctelería. Desde Bodas donde se ponían diferentes barras de coctelería, tanto antes como después del banquete, pasando por Pequeños Eventos Privados como en cumpleaños, aniversarios… También realizamos Eventos de Empresa, como por ejemplo en el Festival de Cine de San Sebastián, aniversarios de comercios locales, maridajes de platos y cócteles en diferentes congresos y restaurantes. Igualmente hemos desarrollado importantes proyectos para Eventos de Marcas de destilados y refrescos, así que decidió crear el catering, con el cual se han realizado todo tipo de eventos adecuándose en cada momento a las necesidades y peticiones del cliente.


As we love what we do and we also love to transmit our knowledge, we could not miss a training section within ​Aqua Vitae Cocktails​, as we want to bring to everyone the cocktail culture and the passion for the well done. In other words, the culture of liquid gastronomy. So we have designed different courses and Masterclass “for both sides of the bar”. That is, for both the bartender and the customer. We train bartenders to take part in the main national and international bartending championships, as well as we train the customer to taste and savour different flavours, textures and sensations.


This is our physical headquarters located in one of the Gastronomic Capitals of the world, Donostia – San Sebastián. It is a unique space, which is designed to share knowledge, experiences and new cocktail techniques, where you can also buy all kinds of books, products, utensils… related to the world of cocktails, and buy and taste our new creations…

Our premises are fully equipped with audiovisual equipment, ideal for the presentation of new products, specialised tastings… We also have a free private car park, as well as an easy access to all parts of the city and a direct access to the nearest capitals such as Bilbao, Vitoria and Pamplona.


Es nuestra sede física que se encuentra en una de las Capitales Gastronómicas del mundo como es Donostia – San Sebastián. Se trata de un espacio único, el cual está diseñado para compartir conocimientos, experiencias y nuevas técnicas de coctelería, donde además se puede comprar todo tipo de libros, productos, utensilios… relacionados con el mundo de la coctelería, así como comprar y saborear nuestras nuevas creaciones..

Disponemos de un local totalmente equipado audiovisualmente ideal para la presentación de nuevos productos, realizar catas especializadas… Además contamos con un parking privado y gratuito, así como una fácil conexión con todas las partes de la ciudad y salida directa hacia las capitales más cercanas como son Bilbao, Vitoria y Pamplona.