Cocktail Training

We have developed different training models adapting to the new times. Therefore, we have classroom courses (in our Showroom in San Sebastian), semi-presential courses and, of course, online courses.

Our courses are designed for different profiles (Professional, Entrepreneur and Amateur). The Amateur courses are for gastronomy enthusiasts who want to discover new things. If you have an establishment, and you are looking for a business development, as well as the professionalization of your staff, we have created specific courses for Entrepreneurs. And of course, we also have courses for Professionals, for those people who work behind a bar and/or in the room and are passionate about their job and want to acquire new knowledge or go deeper into a subject, or have the desire to recycle themselves.

The duration of the courses varies depending on the type of course you want to do. We have courses from 4 hours to 40 hours, and of course, we have courses that complement each other to deepen the 4 pillars of bartending such as The Fundamentals, The Technique, The Management and Marketing.


Within our training plan we also have Masterclasses on specific subjects. There are small courses of between 2 and 4 hours where a very specific subject from the bartending world is taught.

These masterclasses mix both theoretical and practical aspects, whether they are new cocktail techniques, how to learn to taste distillates…

Most of these Masterclasses are face-to-face, although there will also be several online ones. In addition, before the Masterclass you will be able to purchase all the necessary materials in our shop to make the most of every minute.

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