Cocktail Catering for Private Events

Is it a special date and you want to surprise everyone? We will help you to achieve it, and you won’t have to worry about anything. If you already have a location, we will go there and take care of everything related to the drinks service: the assembly and dismantling of the bar, the tableware, the products, and of course, the best professionals perfectly uniformed and themed just like the bar depending on the type of event you want to organise. We even take care of the ice, as it is the only essential ingredient to make a perfect cocktail. The rest of the ingredients and the creation of these cocktails, will be done according to your tastes and ideas.

And if you do not have a location for your event, there is no problem, as we have a place in San Sebastian which is at your disposal: Liquid Art​. In our premises you will be able to enjoy the cocktails of your choice, personalised for the occasion, and our premises will be also decorated for your event, so we are sure your guests will be pleasantly surprised. And what better way to complete your event than enjoying a pairing between cocktails, pintxos and servings, all enlivened with your music and, above all, surrounded by the best company.

Let’s toast… “Dream as if you will live forever and live as if you will die tomorrow”.

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Success stories

Contrasts and Flavors Pairing Dinner in Felix Manso Ibarla

“Cuisine, service and cocktails.
An unforgettable dinner with a few cocktails out of the ordinary incredible asparagus broth. And the cocktail “cider menu plate”… it was impressive to eat a cider menu in two drinks, this fabulous cocktail cost us a lot to get the idea and more to carry it out but finally we got it together. Undoubtedly we created a totally different event project where we surprised our customers with a dinner paired with unparalleled cocktails, a great success and a sensational and fascinating set-up.
You are a great and good person and you are loved. Best of luck and a big hug.”


Felix Manso

Cena Maridaje de Contrastes y Sabores en Felix Manso Ibarla